Just look at this line-up of NEWSARAMA’s Reader Favorites of 2010:
Emmy award winning writer Paul Dini has penned an episode of BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD that should certainly appeal to SOURCE readers when the show returns with new episodes in a few weeks.
A new status quo. Those words are thrown around, a lot, in the comic book industry. But that’s exactly what New York Times bestselling writer Grant Morrison and team have created with BATMAN, INC.
It is based on a book that is an Eisner Award winner and a New York Times bestseller. It’s a personal story with an epic scope. It’s iconic and classic, yet modern and daring. Yes, we’re talking about ALL-STAR SUPERMAN.
Speaking of two writers whose work appear quite often on this year's best-of lists, Brian Truitt has recently spoken to and
Seven, they say, is a magic number. And this morning, we can't disagree. Because DC and Vertigo have put on an impressive showing, combining to win seven, yes seven of IGN's thirteen awards for the Best of 2010. Here's the rundown...
How do I know that it's almost 5 o'clock on Friday? The big tip off is that fellow SOURCE blogger and all around good guy Austin Trunick already has his NFL game day face on. On Friday. For Sunday's games. Let's just say, Mr.


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