On July 19th, Spiegel & Grau will release Grant Morrison's SUPERGODS, his non-fiction history and exploration of the superhero archetype.
Today marks the of BRIGHTEST DAY. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, then clicking on the jump is the very last thing you want to do (major spoiler alert!)
Crime never sleeps in Gotham City. Here's an early look at June's BATMAN solicits.
Take a moment from drooling over , and gaze into the future with Chris Burnham's cover to BATMAN INCORPORATED #8, which involves a virtual reality murder myster
Batman calls duende “the fierce lust for life that we feel and express when we know death is near.”
Excited about today’s earlier post, announcing BATMAN: GATES OF GOTHAM? Well, that’s not all, May’s going to be a major month for BATMAN – here’s your first look at May’s solicits, after the jump.


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