ACTION COMICS artist Rags Morales (and series writer Grant Morrison) take us behind-the-scenes of re-imagining Superman for 2011 and beyond, as seen in the extras of issue #2 on sale today.
IGN continued their series of interviews with all of the creative teams behind DC 24ֱ-The New 52.
We’re pleased to announce that the following Vertigo and DC 24ֱ titles were nominated for The 2011 SCREAM AWARDS:
As you know, #1 by writer Grant Morrison and artist Rags Morales goes on sale today­ and we've already got a first look at a variant cover for issue #2, with art by
As I type this blog post, the halls of 1700 Broadway are mostly quiet. Quiet, that is, save for the sounds of Jim Lee and Geoff Johns doing another round of morning radio interviews.
Batman Incorporated has moved beyond the physical world and into the virtual one.


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