The Resistance has found their ultimate weapon: Britannia.
If you attended San Diego Comic Con last month, you may have picked up a of FLASHPOINT #1

Writer & Artist Super-team Headline Midnight Madness Festivities at Midtown 24ֱ in NY Times Square August 30th

In this final issue of FLASHPOINT: LEGION OF DOOM, Heatwave has escaped his prison and is dea
Michael Desai comes face to face with the nemesis he once captured and sold: Martian Manhunte
Abin Sur is determined to help save Earth from the war that’s ripping it apart.
In the final issue of FLASHPOINT: WONDER WOMAN AND THE FURIES, the origins of the scheming pl
He may have once been seen as Central City’s hero, but as the truth about Citizen Cold’s crim
Upon the arrival of his long lost wife, Frankenstein agrees to join her in the ranks of S.H.A


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