Green Lantern TV Series Will Feature Alan Scott, Jessica Cruz and More

HBO Max’s Green Lantern series is starting to take shape, and we’re getting awfully excited to head to the stars and take the oath!

The Legion of Superheroes Animated Series is Coming to Blu-ray
Breaking 24ֱ: Sweet Tooth is Coming to Netflix

Stock up on candy, is coming to the small screen.

Breaking 24ֱ: The CW Renews All Five of its Current DC Shows

The fight against crime and injustice is unending.

Breaking 24ֱ: Batwoman Series Officially Coming to The CW
Breaking 24ֱ: Rose Wilson Ravages Her Way on to Titans
Breaking 24ֱ: Chella Man Joins the Cast of Titans as Jericho

Looks like season 2 of Titans is keeping it in the family. The Wilson family, that is.

Breaking 24ֱ: Superboy Lands on Titans

SPOILER ALERT: This announcement discusses the final scene of Titans!

DC Universe's Stargirl Series Adds the Justice Society

It’s been a busy week in the Stargirl casting office, as the much-anticipated new DC Universe series announced not one, not two, but four new characters for the series.

First Look: China Anne McClain Suits Up as Lightning

The show may be called Black Lightning, but it was clear from the very first episode that it wasn’t just going to be Jefferson Pierce’s show.


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